Monday, November 10, 2008


Earth life I am born, fake word has no meaning, fake word is as if fake to itself, freak it out it has no good meaning.

Earth is life, first born home, never describe with the call as fake to all you read and you can learn. as every life has meaning, hate not your world, love is something if you dont love you will never know its meaning.

Hate not your self first, never say every thing is fake in this world, make your life with you think for life is meaning.

You have your dreams, crush not with the fake word, you use in the manner you dont like some one, where ever you love or you hate, do you love your freedom self at first, than love with peace is true meaning.

Say not my love is fake to me, Say not my love is fake for you, Love is my dream, Love is love, you must knowledge your absence of mind, where you lost your thinking. Where are you, How are you, What life to you is meaning, Sunday is born said before its called monday, so when will you make this meeting with you understanding you change your's own from the wrong to good life of living. I was born in this world the day I opened my eyes now I feel to see this world, But now what love means to you I have nothing to think if you think odds in words, please know the meaning of love before you make your dream to be with someone you wish to love inn, what is your dream. Life is meaning, on this earth so called you and all we are born, so call the earth your first home, life on earth make is living, life is meaning, your life is meaning, My life is meaning.