Monday, July 16, 2012

The Strength And The Power, I Prefer To Love And Care In This World.

- - -

Give me the Power, Give, Give, Give me,

I have my thoughts to explore in this world,

My words will make true life in this world,

Just call for Peace and Unity in this World of mine,

Just, just Love my Universe, Our Universe.

This Universe is also yours, its Ours,

Its my Universe, Love and care for the Universe.

 Its life that make in this Universe,

I am in alive in this Universe,

I am born to gift my thoughts.

I love to Explore Peace and Unity in the Universe.

Look at the Breeze and the Air it Unite's us all,

You Breath in my Thoughts, My words

We must love our Universe, Love our Universe,

Love our Universe, Love our Universe.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012

Hello, Every one who read this my blog, I wish you all a very Happy New Year 2012 and Good luck to all for upcoming days of life.

First thing I like to say that this world cannot end in 2012, because first like to say that I don't believe in horoscope written my peoples, if any astrologer challenges me I like to ask them and the world what is the weight of all he objects including the weights of planets, stars comets from the sky, what is the weight of water on the completely on our earth, I challenge that no one can answer my question found in this column, So I win here now, and the 3rd question I like to ask what is the area of dark area in the universe, this is also impossible to answer for any one in this world.

if this cannot be answered by even an intelligent person on this earth, than how can horoscope can be truely said by common man, so just save your life, and don't be a caged in odd thoughts.


As life we get only once, enjoy it with good meanings, and try for as you can make more days in this world. Love is life, just enjoy the freedom of own life, But please note my words, of my thoughts, So No to Bad Habbit, it poise your heart of your mind, it reduces your new coming days of your life. Smile an enjoy your life, each day is like a new born, and like new life way is born.

So I wish you all the readers a very happy new year 2012.